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1948 to 1968


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Historic Information
Mr Harold Bamberg CBE
David Hedges
Author of the Book
"The Eagle Years 1948 - 1968"
George Sholto Collection
George Sholto
Günter Grondstein
George Canciani
Herbert Zieger
Chris Finney
Frank Hudson
Paul Howard
Peter Rotherham
Robb Clarke

Richard Vandervord
Nicholas Tash
Roy Andrews Collection
Ron Mak
Jerry Hughes

Peter Brown
Frank Finney
Steve Williams
Mel Lawrence
Captain John Lesch
Martin Fenner Collection
David Molesworth
Ian MacFarlane
Audrey Waterfield
Allan Janus
Ger Buskermolen

FAAircraft Interiors
and Robbin Boyes

Brian Doherty
Malcolm Granville
Keith Moody
"Three Forty"

Brian Robbins
B. Gibbens
The National Archive of
Transport Travel and Trade

Michael Kelly
Elmar Krenkel
via Gerhard Wilhelmer
John Pearson
Simon Coates
Nicholas Tash
Ken Fielding
Brian Jones
Graham Palmer
Dave Welch
Bob O'Brien
Günter Seyfferth

From the collection of
George Sholto
From the collection of
Björn Larsson and David Zekria
Airline Timetable Images
From the collection of
Michael Dawes
Rui Santos

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