"The Home Of Eagle"

Cunard Eagle & British Eagle

1948 to 1968

G-ANCF - Update 8 - 27-05-07

The Big Link Up
Below are pictures taken on the 23-05-07

A light-hearted look at the great day the front section of the fuselage was re-coupled to the wing section. The ease at which this was accomplished was a tribute to Mike Bates who took it apart some 20 plus years ago. Sadly Mike was in hospital and missed what would have been to him a great delight. We all wish him the very best for a speedy recovery.

Door and panelling
removed for coupling

The Directors chat while Eaglet, the project mascot gives an opinion

Come on lets do it!!!

Come on lets do it!!!

Sorry darling but I'm rather busy at the moment

Little by little it came together

Mind the Gap!

Nearly there

"I was made for you dum de dum you were made for me"

Together again after 20+ years apart

Co-pilots seat

All in a days work!
More news and pictures coming soon...
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