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Forty years after closure, Eagle is remembered through out this year by various events. Firstly, Air Atlantique painted their DC6 G-APSA into the British
Eagle colour scheme. Later in the summer during a beautiful summers day, the aircraft visited Blackbushe and Farnborough. (The Blackbushe sector re-enacted the first arrival of SA in 1958 to the then Eagle Airways main base.) It picked up the Founder Chairman and the Eagle Group of Companies archivist for the short flight to
Farnborough. It was met there by many ex Eagle staff who where able to renew their acquaintance with G-APSA.

Throughout the year the aircraft could be seen flying at many air shows. It also landed at the City of London Airport. Being the first of its type to land there.

The European tour was a great success.



A perfect day in the Austrian mountains is always a pleasure but with the addition of a Douglas DC 6 flying through the Inn valley painted in British Eagle colours was truly magnificent. G-APSA was returning to its old haunt of Innsbruck Airport from the UK after some forty-eight years. The first recorded flight of G-APSA into Innsbruck held in the archives was June 12th 1960. A flypast was flown to the excitement of the Austrian people who had gathered. The aircraft was greeted by many thousands of spectators. Over the PA system on the airfield the crowds were encouraged to cheer the aircraft as it arrived on stand.


Picture to right:- Above the Cloud


A welcoming party of ex Eagle staff had assembled at the foot of the steps to greet the crew. Mr Peter Rosner an ex Eagle traffic handler dressed in his old Eagle uniform met the crew. Also an old Eagle flag was displayed.

Frau Kaiser, wife of the late station manager Major Charles Kaiser, attended the celebrations, as did Herr Jacob Ringler, one time traffic handler for Eagle who went on to form his own airline Welcome Air.

Picture to left:- Above the clouds from the flight deck window



Approaching Innsbruck

Landed at Innsbruck

Many of the spectators filed through the aircraft. There was no doubt that G-APSA was the star of the show. The Eagle emblem on its tail, with the backdrop of the Austrian mountains was great to see after so many years. Our welcome by the Flughafen Director Herr Reinhold Falch was very encouraging. We express our thanks to him for all of his assistance for this revisit.

This revisit would not have been possible except for the kindness of Air Atlantique and their staff, also their sponsors for fuel and handling. A special word of thanks to the flight crew, Julian Firth and Stewart Byers. Departure the following day drew a large crowd.

Picture to right:- Air Atantique flight crew

Spectators queue to take a look at the star of the show.
This went on all day!

The archivist with Jakob Ringler
managing Director of Welcome Air

Innsbruck Title Eagle arrives after forty years absent

Appearances matter Cleaning engine cowlings


Departure preparation


The next stop was to Tempelhof Berlin. The aircraft remained there to be part of the closing events of the airfield. It stood there as a memorial to the civilian crews who died during the Berlin airlift.

Picture to right:- Berlin Tempelhof arrival on a wet evening


Its final sector was to have been from Rotterdam to Heathrow to re-enact the final Eagle passenger flight of 1968 but that was cancelled at the last minute by BAA pulling the previously allocated slots.

Much has been said already on the internet about their attitude to this historical flight. We are grateful to Skyport for their reporting of the issue in their newspaper. I guess we shall never know the true reason why this sad decision was made by BAA. One would have thought that some good publicity would have done their somewhat tarnished image some good!!

Picture to left:- Awaiting departure Rotterdam


Awaiting departure Rotterdam

Departure Board


The aircraft finally returned to Coventry on the 17th November from Rotterdam. 

We are very grateful for what Air Atlantique have done during the past year with G-APSA. Special thanks goes to Mike Collett, Sue Hawkins, and Julian Firth and to the other crewmembers and maintenance staff and others at AA who made it possible.

Picture to right:- Airborne Rotterdam



A word of thanks to all the airports/airfields that allowed G-APSA to take part in their air shows or allowed the aircraft to land and took care of its operation. You all did the operation proud and we, Ex Eagle staff, appreciate it very much.


In October, the 40th reunion was held where some 150 ex Eagle staff members enjoyed a fantastic evening. We are very grateful to Wally Philips and his team for all the hard work that they give freely to organising this event.

Picture to left:- Approaching the UK


Wot no prop !!!!

Resting back at Coventry
To Air Atlantique our thanks


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