"The Home Of Eagle"
Eagle Aviation
Eagle Airways
Cunard Eagle
British Eagle
1948 to 1968


Boeing 707 Type 465
c/n 18373
Entered Service

Ordered as VR-BBZ but not taken up as Cunard left Eagle Airways in favour of BOAC to whom it was delivered.

Left Service

Crashed and written off at London Heathrow on runway 33, opposite the British Eagle hangers on 8th April 1968 after an engine failure on take off. Reading Susan Otterway's book 'Fire Over Heathrow' it appears that a number of Eagle staff assisted with the passengers who had evacuated the aircraft.


Those who worked for Eagle in the Cunard days will well remember the excitement when we were the first independent airline to operate jet aircraft. The arrival of Boeing 707-465 G-ARWD arrived and was soon put into service. Don't think that it would be to sentimental to say the airline was on a high during that time. Cunard Eagle had ordered two 707's the second being G-ARWE. Few ever saw it in Cunard Eagle colours as the aircraft was stripped and repainted into BOAC colours as part of the short lived BOAC-Cunard project.

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