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Mick Bates

Mick Bates


Michael Bates


Many will have known Mick Bates for various reasons. His fascination in aviation started as a young boy watching aircraft at Denham and Southend. He started life in aviation with TradeAir going on to work for several other airlines. He became a loadmaster on Britannia aircraft. Later when employed by Proteus Aero Services, he was involved in a big way in the restoration of two of the Brooklands Museum’s aircraft, the Viscount and the Varsity.  Then there was the Herald at Woodley.

His aircraft engineering skills were well known. Having taken apart, in the eighties, the Britannia G-ANCF at Manston, his long wish and determination was to see this aircraft restored and painted in British Eagle colours. That sadly was not to be. His life was not an easy one, he battled through various personal sadnesses and medical problems. The loss of a leg was a real blow but as our chief engineer for the Britannia project he was an inspiration to us all, in so many ways.

He had a great sense of humour, always willing to share his expert knowledge in the restoration of Charlie Fox. He loved to talk about what he would call ‘real’ aeroplanes. The Viking, Britannia and Viscount were amongst his favourites. He would often bring photos up to Liverpool, which he had taken many years ago, of aircraft that he had
worked on and there would always be a story attached to them.

Mick will be greatly missed but I am sure that he would want
the Britannia project to continue.
It would indeed be a tribute to his memory.

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