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In Memoriam

To those who died whilst on duty

G-AJBO Vickers Viking
1st May 1957
G-AHPM Vickers Viking
Stavanger, Norway
9th August 1961
Dennis Carter - Radio Officer
John Stoney - Flight Engineer

Capt. - E. Jones
F/O - Tunnington
R/O - Robertson
Stewardess - Lena Margaret Lahey
Supernumerary Crew - Harry Booth

Blackbushe Memorial
19th October 2011

Capt. - P. Watts
F/O - R. Smalley

Stewardess - S. Endicott

Stavanger Memorial
9/10/14th August 2011
G-AOVO Bristol Britannia 1964
G-ATFN Vickers Viscount 1968
Capt. - E. W. Williams
Co-Pilot. - M. M. Davison
F/E - A. Rusin
Stewardess - C.Craigie-Halkett
Stewardess - S. Fraser
Stewardess - L.Dale
Stewardess - J. Smith
Stewardess - M. Stuart-Smith

Capt. - E. Dawdy
Co-Pilot - G.D. Holland
Stewardess - E.D. Walsh
Stewardess - C. Litton

To those who served the Eagle Group of Companies
in their life time

Capt. Colin Allsopp - Captain
Andy Anderson - F/O
Howard Archdeacon - Traffic Dept.
Graham Baker - Liverpool Operations
Susan Basford - Stewardess on Britannia
Jack Batley - R/O
Capt. Arthur G Batchelor - Captain
G Bedggood - F/O
Capt. Jock (Stewart) Beevers - Captain
(Boeing 707)
Eddie Bendall - Flight Engineer
John Bingham - Traffic and Ops.
Lyn Blackwell - Electrical Dept.
Max Borrill - Electrical Dept.
E. (Ned) Boulter - Radio Dept.
Blondie Brazier - Electrical Dept.
Maureen Brigden - Air Stewardess
Capt. Peter Brown - Captain
Capt. Tom Burke - Manager Flight Training
Capt. Fred Burkett - Captain
Capt. Peter Busby - Flight Operations Manager
Maurice Caine - Steward
Margaret Carter (Pearmain) - Stewardess
Capt. Geoff Cartner - Captain Viscounts
Capt. John Chard - Captain
Capt. Don Chubb - Captain (Britannia)
Malcolm Coates - Navigator
Trevor Coe - Steward
Bruce Comport - Steward
Capt. Jim Cook - Captain
Capt. Paddy Cormican - Captain
David Cotterell - Radio Engineer
Pat Crisp - Stewardess
Jan Davies - Stewardess
Capt. Peter Davis - Captain (Boeing 707)
Alan Dewey - Traffic Dept.
Capt. Dixie Dean - Captain
Capt. Ken Dillon - Captain (Viscount)
George Dobson - F/O
Alan Dorday - Operations Officer
(Blackbushe & Heathrow)
Bridget Duffy - Stewardess
Capt. Mark Faucheux - Captain
David Fellows - Flight Saftey Officer
Capt. Clive Fleming - Captain
Ron Fisher - A/E Mechanic
Ken Ford - Chief Steward
George Ford - F/O
Capt. Fancis (Frank) Feenan - Liverpool
Capt. Stan Gage, DFC - Captain (Boeing 707)
Capt. John Gerrish - Captain
Maureen Greenan (nee Kennedy) - Stewardess
Colin (Ben) Goodman - Duty Officer
Capt. Wally Hagger - Captain
Charlie Hammond - Aircraft Engineer
Ken Hansford - Ground Engineer Blackbushe
John Hardy - Flight Engineer
Jim Hawkins - Senior Flight Engineer
Peter (John Palmer) Hayes - Steward
Shelia Hayes - Personnel Manager's Secretary
Capt. Dennis Heard - Captian (Britannia)
Penny Henderson - Cabin Staff 
James G Hislop - LHR Flight Dispatcher
William (Bill) Hodgson - Director
Capt. Dickie Holmes - Captain

May Hotson - Stewardess
Capt. Ralph Kohn - Captain
Capt. Jack Langley - Captain (Boeing 707)
Bill Laret - F/O (Boeing 707)
Jean Laws - Stewardess
Claire Locke - Snr Stewardess
Mike Marians - Cabin Staff
Maurice David Martin - Steward
Capt. William (Bill) McCash - Captain
Frances McCracken - Stewardess
Capt. Paddy Mc Hugh - Captain
Capt. John Michie - Manager Special Projects
Capt. Ken F. Mitchell - Captain (BAC 1-11)
Cyril Mulvaney - F/O
Alan Munro - Duty Officer/Station Rep 
Bernie Murphy - Flight Engineer
Capt. Fred Newson - Captain
Terry Nicolson - Steward
Alan Painter - Sales/Traffic
Don Paling - F/O
Don Peacock - Technical Director
Reg Peake - Chief Flight Navigator
George Perrett - F/O
Alfred Perrin - Ground Engineer
Capt. Charles Phillips - Captain (Boeing 707)
Capt. Roger Phillips - Captain (Boeing 707)
Wally Phillips - Navigator
Capt. Ron Pool - Captain (Britannia)
Ron Price - Flight Engineer
Denis Read - Chief Accountant Catering
Albert Reeks - Radio Officer
Capt. Chris Reilly - Captain
David Robbins - Crew Scheduling
Ken Rodway - Traffic Duty Officer Liverpool
Less Ross - Crewing Manager
Peter Russell - Load Control and Ops.
Shona Ruthven - Ops. Manager Secretary
Sheila Ryland - Stewardess
Neil Shaw - Traffic Officer - (G-AOVO PAX)
Fred Simpson - Deputy Chief Flight Engineer
Elaine Junette Smith - Snr. Stewardess
Phyllis Smith - Snr Stewardess
Trevor Snell - Flight Engineer
John Staite - Electrician & Flight Engineer
Pete Stewart - Flight Engineer
Capt. Jim Strong - Captain Viscounts
Mike Swift - Flight Steward
Capt. Phil Taft - Captain (Britannia)
Marjorie Taylor M.B.E - Mger Cabin Staff
Capt. Ron Taylor - Captain (Britannia)
Reg Thomas - Drawing Office LAP
Peter Kerr Thomson - Radio Officer
George Tinlin - F/O (Britannia)
Pat Titmarsh - Stewardess
Michael Tracy - Pilot Viscount
Hugh Trimnell - Navigator
Al Trop - New York Manager
Norman Turnbull - Flight Engineer
Capt. Vince Twomey - Captain (Boeing 707)
Basil Walker - Flight Performance Officer
Capt. Harold Watkins - Chief Pilot
Capt. Peter Webb - Captain (BAC 1-11)
J. Welsh - Ground Engineer - Liverpool
Harry S. Wyatt - Ground Operations Manager
Jim Wyatt - Dispatch LHR

Polish Aircrew
Capt. Stanislaw Bedkowski
Capt. Alojzy Wladyslaw (Lou) Ciupek
Capt. Jan Malinski
Capt. Franciszek (Frank) Nikiel
Capt. Alex Plater
Capt. Kazimierz Jozef (Paddy) Szrajer

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