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Destinations - Innsbruck, Austria

By kind permission of the family of
Jack Langley

We have dedicated the Innsbruck page to his memory.

Capt Jack Langley was a senior Captain flying with Eagle from July 1953 until November 1968. His first flight with Eagle was a Dakota G-AMVA . Over the years he flew Dakotas, Vickers Vikings, Douglas DC6s, Vickers Viscounts, Bristol Britannias and Boeing 707s. Full copies of his logbooks are in the archives
. Our thanks to his family for allowing us to copy them

On the 23rd of May 1955 he flew the route proving flight into Innsbruck, flying a Dakota G-AMYB flight No. 848.
The route of the full flight was Blackbushe-Luxembourg-Innsbruck and return. Flying many times into Innsbruck he became well known and made many friends there.

Jack was a well-liked crewmember and like many others flew to many destinations
for the Eagle Group of Companies.

Other companies that he flew for were:-
Smiths Prompt Services, British Aviation Services
Starways Ltd. Hunting Air Travel

Britannia Airways

Advert for British Eagle flying to Innsbruck


View of Innsbruck from the air in 1963
Taken from inside Bristol Britannia G-ARKA
First (inaugural) flight into Innsbruck
on May 21st 1955 Via Luxembourg.
The service was to arrive every
Tuesday subject to weather !

Picture Courtesy of "Herbert Zieger"
G-ATPK was the first jet aircraft into Innsbruck
Picture Courtesy of "Elmar Krenkel via Gerhard Wilhelmer"

Innsbruck Airport
Inside Terminal

Inside Innsbruck Airport Terminal
Innsbruck Timetable
Innsbruck Timetable rear
Innsbruck Timetable
Innsbruck Timetable
Route Card
Route Card
Innsbruck to London Route card for G-ANRS on the 20th August 1965